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Minoffles Ltd specialise in handmade waffles using a traditional Belgian recipe and is deemed to be desirable and enjoyable dessert experience serving waffles, crepes and shakes in the shop. Our unique recipe, flavours and ingredients ensure that our customers leave with satisfaction and want to come back for more. With our unique concept and intelligent company marketing strategy we will attract much of the local clientele and around the city to our outlet to enjoy our unique dessert experience which in return will also lead to an increased foot fall within the Mall.

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Belgian waffle

Bubble tea

Milk Shake

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Let’s Work Together Building Building on the success of our company stores, we are selectively expanding our presence in the UK. Franchising is an important part of our brand expansion strategy, and we are keen to work with the best partners to secure the best sites available. Becoming Becoming a Minoffles Franchisee means being involved with a young and dynamic brand whose primary mission is to provide unique dessert experience.

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